Fun camps for ages 5-12!

2019 Spring Break Art Camps!


Kaiwa is excited to offer half-day camps covering a variety of themes for Spring Break!  All camps are open to ages 5-12. 

10% discount when registering 2 or more children!


Register Sunday, January 27th for 10% off!

Register with payment before March 1st for 5% off!





Or mail in registration form with a check to Kaiwa at 185 Walnut Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95060


April 1st:

9 am -12 pm -- Drawing & Painting - 1 Spot!

1:30-4:30 pm -- Sculpture - Clay, Wood, & More

April 2nd: 

9 am - 12 pm  -- Stop Motion Animation - FULL

1:30-4:30 pm -- Illustration & Storytelling - FULL

April 3rd: 

9 am - 12 pm  -- DIY Musical Instruments

1:30-4:30 pm -- Crazy Kaiwa Chemistry - FULL

April 4th:

9 am - 12 pm -- Inventor's Club - FULL

1:30-4:30 pm -- Kid Architect


April 5th:

9 am - 12 pm -- Sew Your Own Stuffie - FULL

1:30-4:30 pm -- Fiber Arts: Felting & Pom Poms - 1 Spot!

(Descriptions below)


1 half-day camp - $45

Full day camp (9-4:30 pm) - $90


+ $15 to stay through 1.5 hour lunch break

+ $5 materials fee/camp


Drawing & Painting: Look closely at the world around you - what surprises do you see? What textures, colors, and shapes? In this camp, young artists will learn techniques for drawing and painting interesting objects and scenes from observation, fellow classmates, and imaginative settings and subjects! Through fun exercises and experimentation, we will learn art fundamentals such as mixing colors and how to use the elements of art and principles of design to compose compelling and creative artworks.


Sculpture: Clay, Wood, & More: Let's share the joys of working with our hands to create imaginative, unique, and masterful sculptures!  Materials to spark our creativity may be clay, wood, found objects, paper mache, and more.  Sculpture from around the world and throughout time will inspire us to create new forms in conversation with artists and makers who came before!

Stop Motion Animation: If you love clay, movies, wildly creative storytelling, and music making, this camp is for you!  Not only will you learn the basics of good stop motion filming and claymation, but you will also be able to record sound effects and music using synthesizers and professional tools.  You can even incorporate a green screen to place your characters in different backgrounds!  Let's make silly, fun, and awesome movies together!

Illustration & Storytelling:

In this camp, children will explore the linked worlds of illustration and storytelling, write and illustrate their own stories in handmade books, act out their stories in dramatic play, and more!  Illustrators “shed light on” ideas, stories, poems, etc. by creating visual artworks that capture the feeling of their subject.  Illustrators, such as Maurice Sendak, light our imaginations and bring wonder into our lives from a young age.  Ignite your little storyteller and illustrator's passion during this dynamic camp!

DIY Musical Instruments:

Make your own musical instruments at Kaiwa!  Build and decorate drums, maracas, guitars, pan flutes, & more!  Use jingle bells, bamboo, balloons, and more to have fun and get creative and crafty with sound! 

Crazy Kaiwa Chemistry:  Kaiwa campers - let's "bond" over chemistry!  At Kaiwa, we love science!!  When you try all of our ooey gooey, color-changing, fizzy, explosive, & mesmerizing experiments, you will too!  Experiments might include: slime making, chemical reactions, alka seltzer rockets, DIY lava lamps, color changing liquids, fruit DNA extraction, & more!

Inventor's Club: Calling all inventors! Children will engage in collaborative problem solving, then design, prototype, and refine wildly imaginative inventions using interesting recycled goods and building materials.  Children will learn about basic circuitry and simple machines and use LEDs, motors, gears, and batteries to add motion and light into their inventions.  Children will present their inventions at our Invention Convention! 

Kid Architect:

Dreaming of your dream house?  Love to build?  Kids will put on their architect caps to design and build a miniature model of a house or any building they can imagine!  We will use wood and other quality materials to bring our models to life. 

Sew Your Own Stuffie: Kids can sew!  Want your own unicorn, doll, fuzzy monster, or Minecraft head?  In this camp, kids learn how to turn their original designs for stuffies into patterns for sewing!  Kids choose their own fabric, cut, pin, and sew to leave with a stuffie of their dreams! 



Fiber Arts: Felting & Pom Poms: Fiber arts are an ancient set of crafts that have been growing in popularity in recent years as a fun, expressive, and practical pastime or profession.  Learn the basics of wet felting & needle felting to make unique creations, then join together for a pom pom making party!  A rainbow of colors of quality wool and yarn will be provided to create unique felted objects and pom poms galore for this fun and sensory camp!



Thank you for helping make Kaiwa a haven for creative activity and discovery each day!


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