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2019 Summer Camps


ATTN: Register for the first day of camp and you are registered for the week!



Kaiwa is excited to offer a schedule of fun and interdisciplinary summer art camps!  Keara Connor, MAEd, owner and teacher at Kaiwa, has experience teaching over 80 summer camps covering a diverse range of topics.  In small groups, children will explore the design thinking process, engage in collaborative play, grow through individualized and group art making, and exhibit their work!


Kaiwa loves summer camps - the friendships, the fun, the focus, the exhibitions, and the many unexpected and inspired paths we take throughout the week as co-creators of art and more. 

Thank you to all the families who are a part of Kaiwa's creative community and to all the others who would like to join in the fun!


Registration Options:

For your convenience, Kaiwa offers online registrationPay the $100 deposit immediately online.  Full tuition is due by card, cash, or check by 1st day of camp.  To avoid extra fees when booking online, call or email to complete registration.

To avoid fees entirely, you can mail or drop off cash or check to 185 Walnut Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, along with the registration form.

There is a new 5% admission tax to be collected by the city for all summer camps!

Email if you have any questions!  


Thank you for helping make Kaiwa a thriving community arts and creativity space!  Looking forward to a fun and inventive summer 2019!


All camps are ages 5-13 unless stated otherwise


Full Week Half-Day Camp - $225 + $25 materials fee

+$15 extra to stay during 1.5 hour lunch period

$100 deposit due with registration to reserve your spot

Camp Schedule:


June 24th-28th

9am - 12pm



+ $100 extra tuition

Up to 6 students

Ages 8-14

1:30pm - 4:30pm


July 1st-3rd

1:30pm - 4:30pm

$150 total tuition

July 8th-12th





July 15th-19th

1:30pm - 4:30pm


+$25 extra tuition


July 22nd-26th





+$25 extra tuition

Ages 6-12

July 29th-August 2nd


BUILD A 3D PRINTED ROBOT - 1 more spot!

+ $100 extra tuition

Ages 8-14

Up to 6 students


INVENTOR'S CLUB - 1 more spot!


August 5th-9th




Camp Descriptions:

Fab Lab Skills - Laser Cutting & 3D Printing:

Want to make awesome stuff with lasers and 3D printers?  Join Kaiwa's first Fab Lab Camp for a 15 hour crash course in 2D & 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software.  Students will learn the basics of 2D design for laser cutting in Inkscape, then progress to 3D design for 3D printing using TinkerCad.  Students will design and build fun projects such as boxes, clocks, puzzles, fidget spinners, gear trains, figurines, & more!  Very limited space!  Ages 8-14, $350 total tuition

Build a 3D Printed Robot:

Do you want to design and build a real walking robot that can avoid obstacles, dance, make music, and more?  In this special camp, students will get to DESIGN, 3D PRINT, ASSEMBLE, & PROGRAM the amazing Otto robot!  Students will work in TinkerCad to custom design their robot to transform into anything they can imagine - Darth Vader, a duck, a DJ, etc.  Then, we will 3D print their design.  Students will then learn how to assemble their robots, using an Arduino Nano, an extension shield, 4 servo motors, an ultrasonic sensor, a buzzer, & more.  Students will then learn how to program their robot in mBlock, a Scratch-based programming language.  We will also collaborate to put together other fun Arduino and electronics projects during the course of the camp.  Students will take their working robot home to continue the fun!  Very limited space!  Ages 8-14, $350 total tuition


Stop Motion Animation:

If you love clay, movies, wildly creative storytelling, and music making, this camp is for you!  Not only will you learn the basics of good stop motion filming and claymation, but you will also be able to record sound effects and music using synthesizers and professional tools.  You can even incorporate a green screen to place your characters in different backgrounds!  Let's make silly, fun, and awesome movies together!

Art & Science:

Kaiwa loves science!  Explore the wonders of the world through fun experiments and science inspired art-making!  Experiments may include: slime making, lemon batteries, strawberry DNA extraction, bath bomb making, lava lamps, fizzy rockets, making a camera obscura, and more!

Drawing and Painting:

Look closely at the world around you - what surprises do you see? What textures, colors, and shapes? In this class, young artists will learn techniques for drawing and painting interesting objects and scenes from observation, fellow classmates, and imaginative settings and subjects! Through fun exercises and experimentation, we will learn art fundamentals such as mixing colors and how to use the elements of art and principles of design to compose compelling and creative artworks.  Mediums used may include: charcoal, pencil, pastel, marker, tempera paint, acrylic, water soluble oil paints, watercolor, etc.  Students will draw on high quality papers and paint on canvases.  At the end of the week, children will help curate an exhibition of their work!

Sculpture - Clay, Wood, & More:

Let's share the joys of working with out hands to create imaginative, unique, and masterful sculptures!  Materials to spark our creativity will be clay, wood, found objects, paper mache, and more.  Sculpture from around the world and throughout time will inspire us to create new forms in conversation with artists and makers who came before!  Using clay, children will learn the basics of handbuilding and wheel-throwing to build creative figures of their choosing and pots! Subject matter for hand-building might include animals, slab-boxes, etc., learning proper techniques for attaching pieces together, preventing cracking and breaking, and more. On the wheel, children will learn how to make small cups, bowls, vases, pitchers, or plates!

Kids Can Sew:

Kaiwa believes kids can sew!  In this camp, students will learn basics of hand and machine sewing through fun projects!  Throughout the week, students will design and sew a pillow, a stuffie, a bag, and clothing.  Join us for a week of skill building and fun!  Limited space... +$25 due to extra 1-on-1 support and small class size.

Textile & Fiber Arts:

Explore the wide world of textile & fiber arts!  Throughout the week, we will do wet felting & needle felting, weaving, embroidery, knitting, dyeing fabric, silk painting & batik, & more!


Fashion Design:

Do you love designing clothes for yourself or dolls?  Do you love color & pattern?  This camp is for you!  Throughout the week, we will explore the history of fashion throughout time and design our own clothes to illustrate and sew prototypes to wear!  We will go on a beloved "fashion walk" of downtown Santa Cruz, stopping in locally-owned stores to sketch and get inspired.  Learn fashion illustration techniques and sew the outfit of your dreams!  Limited space... +$25 due to extra 1-on-1 support and small class size.

Inventor's Club:

Calling all inventors! Children will engage in collaborative problem solving, then design, prototype, and refine wildly imaginative inventions using interesting recycled goods and building materials.  Children will learn about basic circuitry and simple machines and use LEDs, motors, gears, and batteries to add motion and light into their inventions.

Throughout the week, children will also have the opportunity to use Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MicroBit, Kano's Pixel Kit & Motion Sensor, & Wonder Workshop's robot Dash to explore electronics & robotics projects! 

The Art & Play of Japan:

If you haven't experienced this camp yet, don't wait to join in on the fun!  Japan is a country rich in artistic traditions, and fun games and past-times for children!  In this camp, we will explore various art forms such as sumi-e (ink brush paintings) and kite-making, as well as games such as fukuwarai (a face mash-up game), suikawari (smashing watermelons), playing with a daruma toy, and more!  For snack, we will make our own fresh mochi from rice, roll our own sushi, eat miso soup, and taste other food and drinks from Japan!  We enjoy these foods in a special meal together.  Always a favorite!

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