Heidrun Matthies, son age 7:

My son had a wonderful time @ Kaiwa Art & Play Space. He has created art in a way I haven't seen him create it before. I think he felt very empowered & encouraged to follow his own ideas without feeling judged or evaluated & that drew hidden skills & ideas out of him. As a result, he has become a confident artist. Keara has a wonderful way of being with children & providing information, context & knowledge in a lasting, experiential  way. Her comprehensive approach of teaching art is very expansive & inspiring.



Erica, daughter age 6:


"My child’s teacher, Keara Connor, would like to support the creativity of people from all backgrounds within an encouraging, inspiring environment. Keara is an amazing person who is sure to create an environment that is nothing short of magical. She has the education and training necessary to bring her plans to fruition.

When I met Keara at my child’s after school care program, I knew that I was very lucky to have her as a teacher. Keara possesses a kindly nature and abundance of enthusiasm that is rare in this world. The children at the program adore her; they crowd around her like a litter of puppies, all calling for her attention. Keara is so sweet and generous with her encouragement of children’s ideas, projects and sharing of stories. She facilitates wonderful activities for the children that inspire their creativity and spark their curiosity.

One of Keara’s most popular activities is “Inventor’s Club” where children tape, glue and transform raw materials into highly specialized “machines” limited only by their imagination. The best part of the club is the weekly “invention convention” where children take turns explaining to the rest of the group what their invention is and how it works. The descriptions given by the children reveal an emerging understanding of basic engineering concepts. My daughter creates “machines” that are designed to remove trash from the earth because litter by the roadside bothers her!

I am so impressed by Keara’s warmth and creative spirit that when I discovered that she has held a lifelong dream of creating an art workshop, I felt compelled to create a campaign to support her vision. Upon further getting to know Keara, I discovered that she has a very broad range of interests that span the arts and sciences. The world is filled with beauty to her and she is eager to share that with others who are looking for inspiration.

Keara is well connected within the community to receive the support and direction she needs should she encounter bumps along the way. It is amazing to see Keara on the cusp of having everything she has worked for come into bloom."



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